フユニャン, Fuyunyan
04 img
Medallium No. 121
Level(s) Crank-a-kai (3000y)
Favorite Food Fish
Game debut Yo-kai Watch 2
Anime debut "The Birth of a Secret, Nyan!"
(movie 1)

Hovernyan is a .



浮遊霊のネコ妖怪。 地画から少し浮いるが性格は地に足が着いておりとっても頼りになる。 額のキズは名誉の負傷。

Soultimate MoveEdit

Dokonjo Paws: Pops wib wobs in the center.


Hovernyan is currently avaible for a limited time!in the English version of Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble. However, in the Japanese version, you can obtain him by saving up 3000 Y-money for the Crank-a-kai. He is an friend of Nathanial Adams.

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