ジバニャン, Jibanyan
Jibanyan wib wob
Medallium No. 407
Level(s) Level 4
Favorite Food Chocobar
Game debut Yo-kai Watch
Anime debut "The Spooky Intersection"
(episode 1, part 2)

Jibanyan is a Fire-attribute D-rank Yo-kai from the Charming tribe.


After being run over by a car, he inspirits an intersection and seeks to get his revenge on passing cars.

Soultimate MoveEdit

Paws of Fury: Pounds Wib Wobs with the power of a thousand paws.


Jibanyan can be obtained in the fourth level of the game, in Uptown Springdale. He will befriend you automatically, if you feed him or not, and he will unlock the "Yo-kai Wib Wob" application in the menu.

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