モモタロニャン, Momotaronyan
Medallium No. 120
Level(s) Crank-a-kai (3000y)
Favorite Food Sushi
Game debut Yo-kai Watch Busters
Anime debut "Momotaronyan and His Three Attendants"
(episode 93; part 2)

Momotaronyan is a Fire-attribute A-rank Yo-kai from the Brave tribe.


A Yo-kai who was born a peach cat. He grew up owned by a friendly old man and old woman, but one day, he was suddenly tasked with fighting oni.

Soultimate MoveEdit

Kibidango Sword: Slices wib wobs diagonally. (From upper left to bottom right.)


Momotaronyan is currently unavailable in the English version of Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble. However, in the Japanese version, you can obtain him by saving up 3000 Y-money for the Crank-a-kai. He is not available through any other coins.