Sergeant Burly
ブリー隊長, Burii Taichou
Sergeant Burly wib wob
Medallium No. 118
Level(s) Level 16
Favorite Food Hamburgers
Game debut Yo-kai Watch 2
Anime debut "Jibanyan's Secret"
(episode 25; cameo)
"Yo-kai Sergeant Burly"
(episode 36, part 2)

Sergeant Burly (shortened to Sgt. Burly in-game due to text limitations) is a Lightning-attribute C-rank Yo-kai from the Brave tribe.


This much-loved boss of Burly's Bootcamp, he doesn't go easy on training Yo-kai. Do you even lift, Yo?

Soultimate MoveEdit

Victoryyyyyyyy!: Boosts your score with a brutal beat camp.


Sergeant Burly can be obtained in the sixteenth level of the game, in Mount Wildwood. He will unlock the "Mission" application in the menu.

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