Stage 1
Main Yo-kai Pandle
Other Yo-kai None
Rare Yo-kai Noko (VERY RARE)
Star 1 Score 10,000 Points or More
Star 2 Link 3 or More Wib Wobs
Star 3 Finish Within 130 Seconds

Stage 1 is located in Uptown Springdale. It consists of the Yo-kai Pandle at X HP and has a recommended team level of 1.


Being the first stage, it is an introductory stage where Whisper teaches you the basics of the game; simply linking up Wib Wobs to make them bigger. The puzzle, when first played, is intentionally generated so that the player can create a large link of Wib Wobs.

You can not befriend Pandle via this stage until you have completed Stage 5.